Do you like when girls have handlebars? (aka horns)

Do you like when girls have handlebars? (aka horns)

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No, but I love them brain dead

Yes, that makes them extremely easy to use

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I want to fuck this wending machine so god damn hard

It's a safety feature, don't take risks.

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What about slave handles (twintails)?

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Horns are extremely cute, but only when paired with a tail. No tail and it's a no go

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>Holding the horns in your hands.
>Tail going into your ass
>Dick in vagina.
God, imagine.


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Handlebars are convenient.
Don't break them!

Preteen girls yes.


Why are clara's tits so big?

I like Horny girls

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They are filled with love and hope.

They're alright.

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i don't remember this scene, which ep?

huge fat horns are hot

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no off-leash animals allowed on the premises

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