Yes the ending sucked

But all that's been adapted so far has been a masterpiece, and since people hated the manga ending so much they'll likely do an anime original ending

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>But all that's been adapted so far has been a masterpiece
I miss being 16.

Any Forums hated the ending. Any Forums is not the entire internet, nor is it the primary intended audience.

I know, right?

You would hope, then again Anno knew how much everyone hated the conclusion of Eva, and he did it again it worse with the rebuilds.

Isayama seems like the same type of stupid.

I've also seen a lot of hate for it on MAL, YouTube, and Crunchyroll

Endings of long-running stories are always disappointing. People are discussing just that in a One Piece thread nearby. Take away the mysteries and you're left with very few options how to tie things up that make sense from a storytelling point of view. The choice is usually between cool but (after you've seen it several times) very cliched - and something crazy that doesn't really work, especially if you're invested into the cast.

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user we all know it went to shit during the alliance chapters.

Wit really carried this massive pile of crap

The issue is that I dont feel the desire to reread or even rewatch this shit remembering in what kind of stupid shit it all devolves into. Terrible show, even for shonen standards. Had it not been for WIT, this would have likely been forgotten even quicker.

it was really good, fun action and characters and mysterious plot

mystery bait was all it had going for it, characters might as well be walking tropes. but i agree, action was really good due to WIT's effort. the manga itself looked like garbage

hm i did like pre timeskip arumin, reiner, and dykemir

I love the ending

Duh, the ending was good. Anons here are just too biased to realize it. SnK blows Chainshit Man out of the water. Btw have fun with your 12 episodes Chainshit idiots. Hopefully MAPPA abandons it and realizes SnK what deserves a good adaptation.

We don't need to keep having this thread, thanks.

>Yes the ending sucked
No it didn't genocide faggot.

All the same few faggots from here and titanfuck.

It's clear based on their limited braindead vocabulary and sheep-like talking points.

>Yes the ending sucked
what ending? i only know the canon ones like aot no requiem

It sucked way before the ending, timeskip ruined it entireyl