Lycoris recoil

ENTER Takinator.

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Chisato will definitely marry Takina in episode 13.

>jobs immediately again
at least she brought light


>tries to be relevant and do shit
>jobs again immediately after

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Cute and wholesome lover's reunion

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LN fanart from the scene Takina was driving.

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Is it me or is the story pretty bad? Reminding me of Higurashi last year which was also super popular with Any Forums and had an intriguing premise but then just went to shit.

Just you. Look at the story on this pic, pretty interesting.

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My bad. I don't watch much anime.


Don't mind me, I just wanted to see if the entire scene of appearance of Takinator, carrying the light would fit in 3 MB with acceptable quality.

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Walnut was best this episode.

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Holy shit, did Takina really instantly job as soon as she burst into the scene?

tenno heika banzai

This time she really was useful.

It's ok, Takina.
You did your best.

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What would happen if Takina and Chisato jumped from the tower?

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Jobkina never changes.

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If you find a random gun you have to use it okay you have to

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On it baby!

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Walnut's helicopter will magically catch them

Chisato is very protective of her wife Takina.

I'm starting to think Majima might be a little retarded

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Why did Mika dress up and picked some guns? He never used any of them

If Japan is so safe, why did [dangerous thing] happen? Feels like the writer or whoever came up with the premise doesn't read news in Japan.

He's literally me.

The premise of Lycoris feels more like what a weeb hears about Japan than what Japanese actually perceive themselves.

Even if the story is bad Takina and Chisato are pretty cute no?

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They are cute! Just like Rika and Satoko.

MCs for Season 2

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Hell, I'd watch it

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>instant shooting people
I can say I can see

Satoko a shit

He's literally a self-insert for dumb Americans.

The freedom was the choice they were able to make and the removal of the faux peace. Choosing not to fire the gun is fine but the point is not having the choice made for you.

The moment she shot him Joker realized she would never join him and has a strong attachment towards Takina.

This scene was so stupid. I don't understand what he thought would happen.

>freedom means you should be free to murder people

Shinji and Mika kissing will be the last scene of the anime. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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