Netflix abandoning batch releases for weekly releases

Does this make netflix jail less of a death sentence?

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Do we get to go back to normal tv now

>fucks over 2/3rds of Stone Ocean when it's already not a very popular part in the West
>Decides to get rid of the batch episode formula when it's almost over
What's Netflix got against Araki anyway

Wish they did this shit before Stone Ocean dropped. Wonder if there's any chance at all the last batch of episodes will be released weekly.
I think they're doing this solely based off of profit because people keep cancelling their subscriptions after binge-watching big releases, the weekly release model works well for Disney+ so that's probably what got them to stop being so stubborn on their batch-release formula.

Far as I can tell there aren't a lot of egregious examples of Netflix interfering with Japanese productions, so if you wanted to be optimistic this basically would be a return to the weekly TV format.

They'll put in ads soon

At least if DP are gonna get funding from Netflix for part 7 it might not be shot in the foot like part six was. That said, Stone Ocean was the most-viewed programe on JP Netflix upon its release so its not like the part has flopped.

Finally, an end to the farce.
now we can have 100 more farces

good enough, but not enough to fix their shit output.
both anime and 3D

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How come they realise this NOW?
Imagine having people working on a series for ages and paying a ton for this just to dump it all at once and needing the next series to dump right the next week to keep the subscribers and thinking this was a good idea instead of just keeping the audience by airing series weekly, forcing them to stay. Not that it matters for pirates but the majority of normalfags have netflix accounts.

About time they stopped being retards.

Because it worked before with some key series, but with 20 new series a week makes no sense anymore.

that model consumed itself

Fucking finally.

People who dont care about discussion will be sad but for Any Forums its great.

Good. Batch releases worked great to pull viewers to Netflix with small series of about 10 episode with one continuous plot but it's horrible in actually keeping the serie relevant outside of maybe two weeks. I haven't watched SO's second batch yet and never read it, but I make no effort to hide spoilers because Any Forums already moved on. Weekly content give people something to look forward to for a greater period of time.

I guess this is good news but everything I cared about for the rest of the year was a movie or in D+ jail

About fucking time.
Wish they came to their senses before Edgerunners, but to be fair it should have enough hype to generate discussion regardless since it's already maxing out threads.

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So what happens to Jojo now? Are the future episodes coming in batches or weekly episodes?

This still hasn't been even announced yet. We probably will be still stuck with batches for the last part of Stone Ocean.

Wait i thought this would be released weekly

It's going to be a couple of months until we see news about the last batch but it'd be great if by then the news became official. Having the last batch be released weekly so we get to enjoy jojo fridays one last time for the OG universe would be great.

>Does this make netflix jail less of a death sentence?
Who cares? Netflix quality is god aweful. Doesn't matter if they release it weekly or 6 months later.

Bastard and Stone Ocean are good though.