School Days

single-handedly defeats Makoto's rotten genes

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No, she got turned into a cocksleeve.

Friendly reminder that canonically makoto ends up as a slave to katsura's womb

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Yes, the youngest one.
Until there is a sequel there is no canon aside from bavarois.


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>aside from bavarois
You wanted to say Paris for Four, right?

Was she the cocksleeve or was Makoto the dildo?

makoto was made into a meat puppet

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Considering the first time was rape and every time since she's getting dommed, she was the cocksleeve.

Oh yeah Kokoro is a different story.

Pretty sure he ends up hard femdomed

Fucking Kokoro and Kotonoha. Those manipulative rapist cunts.



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this looks like a hentai, lmao

>uncenosored remaster version doesn't have shot of the cumdrip from_behind
>or the Kotonoha anal

retard, not even a single drop of makoto's filthy cum goes inside Kokoro-chan

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the mom outside sex
actually, when sekai's mom rides the MC, wasn't the cumdrip shot removed too? What a crime, those are some of the best parts

shiny days ver of kokoro's h-scene begs to differ

Perhaps you should watch game once more. Kokoro gets it in more than just one hole.

thanks to Kotohona, makotos' dirty sperm goes all to die on the ground

Kotonoha is not even present in scene where Makoto cums inside Kokoro's mouth. And in the one where she is, she pretty much arrives late.