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I'm look forward to more scenes of Faputa being Reg's hat.

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I want to eat out her cloaca while she sits on my head like that

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Love my wife Eilu.

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Which chapter did the anime reach by now?
I stopped reading one or two years ago because of the irregular releases. Did that ever get better again?

Anime adapted chapter till 55 in the latest episode. The release schedule is as irregular as ever.

Then why didn't you protect her?

>Riko ruined this
Fucking potato bitch

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I was that mutant crow creature. Wanted to take her to a safe spot, but sadly I forgot about the 6th layer curse...

Will we ever get confirmation about whether Reg's dick is like his body (just regular skin) or like his arms (mechanical tube that can expand/lengthen)?

Pretty sure habo confirmed that

God I wish that was me
Btw sauce?

she could snap that off like it was a hotdog

Is Reg circumcised?


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>killed his own waifu

This episode was 54 and 55.
Next episode will be 56 and 57.
Finale will probably be 58, 59, and 60

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