16 years later, C.C. is still the best confidante waifu in anime

16 years later, C.C. is still the best confidante waifu in anime.

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She's so superior to other girls, it's almost insulting.

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I don't remember anything about her except that she likes pizza hut.

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The whole "Cera" name wasn't just smoke huh.

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She was Lelouch's confidante... and the guy before Lelouch, the guy before that guy... and the other 10,000 men before that...

>because of the sensibilities of the industry, we were denied the sideplot of CC initiating Lulu into the world of sexual union and the depiction of his rise from a nervous virgin to sensitive, passionate lover as a mirror for the development of his determination and capacity for empathy

It's canon that Lelouch is the only one she fell in love with. The others were mere acquaintances.

Feel free to call it plot contrivance but canon is canon.

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Changing the timeslot for R2 was a mistake.

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Do you have a source for that? I find that hard to believe

It was from a behind the scenes discussion between director and VA iirc. Lemme try to find it.
Here's other stuff in the meantime.

These mfs were hiding entire love poems in the additional materials.
>Lelouch’s monologue from Megami Magazine August 2008 Issue

>Deprived of the power of immortality and returned to be an ordinary woman….
>Even though we made a contract that says we’ll be together forever, are you leaving me alone, C.C.?
>Though it certainly doesn’t feel bad to be called ‘Master’, but thinking about it now, folding the clothes you tossed wherever, paying for pizzas you ordered without permission, it actually never feels bad at all.

Did she willingly share a common immortal life with those 10k guys, being eternally young and beautiful?

Thought so.

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>Okochi: I think CC and Lelouch are similar in their initial intentions. Lelouch is weak against women, but CC hasn't experienced a proper relationship either.
>Fukuyama: ``The last kiss in the previous series must have been a bang bang bang (laughs).
- Newtype September 08 issue

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I want the alternate timeline where nothing gets censored in it.

So, C.C. got her "love" geass when she was barely a preteen leading to her overusing it and never actually having a genuine relationship. Then as a result of the overdose of this fake love over the years, she simply lost interest in that emotion entirely until Lelouch walked in.

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