Yuru Yuri

Why are season 3 and nachuyachumi so different from season 1 and 2? They're not even necessarily worse, just feel different.

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I think you're pretending to ask a genuine question, but I'll answer it anyway. Because the studio changed from Dogakobo to TYO.

Now that I've killed your thread, let's go back to posting lewd yurus until the thread dies prematurely. Camisole + panties is peak JC aesthetic.

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>let's go back to posting lewd yurus
I would never lewd best girl Ayano.

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No problem, I'll do it instead

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Overdoing lewdposting is not bad because of morals, but because it reduces the thread quality.

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Different studio

which side of the upcoming japanese civil war will the yurus be on?

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I wonder if akari and ayano would get along with just the two of them.

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Too much Yuri, not enough Yuru. Doka Kobo will never save us.

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Yui (and therefore Chinatsu) are both going to be part of the violent fascist uprising.
Akari, Ayano, Chitose, and Himawari are all loyal to the Emperor.
Sakurako is killed in a bombing run because she was too lazy to evacuate.

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Doga Kobo.

Different studio and change from comedy to focusing more on the iyashikei aspect
Can't say I'm a fan of the washed out colors but it's still good

I repeat, Doga Kogo will never save us.

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Yui-chan is NOT a dirty fascist.

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She literally is, it's super obvious. That's why she's disgusted by Chinatsu's gay behavior.

When are we getting the Sakurako and others spin off anime adaption?


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where is this full collection at?

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Nomari's instagram. There's a rip on e-hentai.

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Guess I'll carry on drinking.

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Akari, no!

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What problems and demons could Akari possibly have?

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>ywn drink with akari

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Warning: LEWD

Imagine Hanako sitting on your lap in a dark blue sundress and you smell her hair, nibble her ears, and slip down the straps of her dress to kiss her bare little girl shoulders.

So wasted she lost her balls.

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It's ok, when she woke up she grew an extra one to compensate

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