What anime are you waiting on?

What anime are you waiting on?

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fuck you kyon

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One that's good. Been waiting 29 years.

RPG Fudosan 2
Kunoichi Tsubaki 2

Ane Naru Mono OVA

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Now that I think about it: None.
What am I still doing here? I should just leave.

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Another season of Toradora!

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Prison School S2
Yeah, I now it will never happen...

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They cut it off before the real meat of the show began...

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we need to go back

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>Kunoichi Tsubaki 2
I want to believe

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I don't understand ecchi series at all. If you want to see watersports just look it up on sadpanda.

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ever since DMC5 came out I wanted more anime

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BokuYaba in 2023

Ecchi is the thinking man's porn/hentai, user.
>Implying PS doesn't have some of the best romance in the last 20 years.

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What do you think?

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DtB season 2

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Schell Bullet anime
The Akira complete manga adaptation
Yotsuba& anime
Usagi Yojimbo cartoon
Scott Pilgrim cartoon

>Kunoichi Tsubaki 2

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because the good thing is how awkward but compatible they are too each other

we're stuck here user. it's because we didn't have hobbies!

Phossu S2

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Spice & Wolf season 3, even if it probably wouldn't reach the novel "ending". Also, the new project is the s3 or a remake?

i emphatically and repeatedly want her to step on me

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Shinge Kino Kyojin with an anime original ending