What went so right?

What went so right?

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Glam rock was a mistake.

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I have no clue who's on the right, while everyone knows Griffith.

>In the 80's and 90's heroes were manly and villains were twinks.
>Now heroes are twinks and villains are manly.
What went wrong?

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Kill yourself, Any Forumsedditor.

>Ordained by the collective gestalt of human evil
>Read comic books and thought supervillains were cool
Who is more based?

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Why would a Japanese guy read comics of all things is the biggest question. I wonder if the JP raws said "manga" or comics specifically

Griffith isn't evil or a chad.

"comics" and "manga" are the same for the Japanese. Same as "cartoon" and "anime".

I guess user asked because MHA is Marvel/DC wank

Not true, manga andコミックス can be used to refer to both but western comics are literally never referred to as manga.

We went full circle

Yea raping a women is pretty noble.

Retard, villains weren’t twinks, they were attractive, it just so happens that men used to think attractive men looked like women, we know better now.

>we know better now.
I beg to differ.

Depends on the context.

Feminity was considered villainous, now msaculinity fills that part.

comiket = comic-market you nigger

>while everyone knows Griffith.

Yeah but how did we go from high-test chads like Kenshiro, Jack, Guts, Renzaburo, Alucard, etc. to dyel manlets with noodle arms?

>2010's/2020's villain aesthetic
>manly middle aged intelligent men
>hot middle aged women

This sounds like a cope and daddy/mommy issues.

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>Vinland Saga

These are all trash except for VS

So they were Chads because some were older men and the others had muscles?