Ao Ashi

Anri-chan is the cutest! And Tachibana finally scored for all those 5 anons watching this with me.

In before everyone will be watching Blue Lock instead.

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I'm glad.

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spoiler is out
Agi got cucked and Reo is back to being Nagi's simp again

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Blue Lock fucking sucks, though.

>Tachibana this episode
This episode was really good, it's nice to see all of them actually playing well, I was sure that this would end up in a 2-1 with a goal from Tachibana and Ashito, so I'm glad that Musashino didn't start jobbing for Esperion to shine

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WTF is offside?

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You post was also offside user.

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When you accidentally put it in the ass instead of pussy

>blue lock out of nowhere
Kek Ao Ashit fans sure are insecure. Nobody cares about your real football.

I don't watch soccer but taking a stab
>An offside is when you receive the ball but there are no opposition players in front of you (excluding the goalkeeper)
How far off am I anons?

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this is more Tsubasa style.

Why does this shitty rule exist?

Tachibana didn't really need to do that overhead lol

Because then the game would reduce itself to punting the ball towards the opposite goal so that a player there picks it up and shoots. Might as well cut down team size to 4 players+ goalkeeper at that point.