Smart Anime is Dead

Name one show that even came close to these two.

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>Code Geass
for like 70% of the first season maybe. R2 is literally nothing but campy retardation with none of the cool mindgames or tactics the first season had.

Dragon Ball Super


The only thing "smart" about Code Geass was that for most of Season 1 a lot of Lelouch's plans for the Black Knights involved shit just happening because the audience knows Lelouch can easily set it up with his Geass and moving on without explanation.

Shingeki no Kyojin


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Put Akagi to the right and you're good

Name another anime that made niggers think they have above average iq?

Those was smart when you were a teenager

tomodachi game

Oh shit i forgot my home hero is gonna have an anime soon.
Soon, OP

>Put Akagi to the right and you're good

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>Oh shit i forgot my home hero is gonna have an anime soon

Neither of them are smart.
They appear smart because they have overpowered supernatural powers at their disposal that their enemies most of the time have no idea about.
All of Lelouch's big brain plans hinge on the fact that he is able to completely long term mind control anyone he initiates eye contact with.

super smart phone is the closest in a while

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In the first week of investigating, L pinpointed Kira with absurd precision, killing the plot instantly. Then he became a drooling retard who literally released him from prison because he swore on his mum he wasn't Kira despite all evidence of the contrary.
Literal baby's first mind battles.

Didn't TPN end up with those two being bitch boys for the mc and becoming straight up retarded because of it?

Promised Neverland S1

idaten is actually such a fun and intelligent show

kira should have been an idol.

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