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How come Vegapunk hasn't added chemical weapons to the pacifistas yet? Clearly there have been many experiments with Magellan's poison for them to have antidotes on hand. Do the Seraphims have them? Can they chemically castrate criminals?

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Dumb magical JRPG angel clones that don't suit One Piece at all are more important


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If she has boa's devil fruit, will it work only on pedos?

Best Girl

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I can't believe I missed Kiku's birthday yesterday.

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reminder to robot loli fags

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hopefully the new chapter will restore this threads

Oda killed off Pedro so Carrot could inherit his dream to sail with the future Pirate King to discover the meaning behind the “Dawn of the World” and ultimately help the Straw Hats bring it to fruition as its tenth commander.

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He will save the day in the final war.

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I'm not saying Sephiroth will be the final boss of One Piece, but I'm saying Sephiroth will be the final boss of One Piece.

Enjoy your aliens.

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How could you…

Pickles or no pickles?

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Is there anything Ope Ope can't do?

Ohhhhh I get it. It's because he likes his sandwhiches crunchy. Like his donuts.

It cant make law straight

Do you fags remember the guy who made a 100 page document on WHY YAMATO WOULD NOT JOIN? Everyone laughed at him and in the end he was fucking right lmao

God, I wanna sex that slut so bad. Reiju is fine too I guess

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Post Cute and Canon

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It is obvious

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a-are any of these stats official??

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Dont you need fucking people to command when you are a "officer" how the fuck are the SH crew officers, they have none under them on the sunny to command
>The grand fleet
doesn't count they have their own captains see WB

Yamato has…
>no role
>no endgame dream
>a (debatably) sad backstory
Tama has..
>a potential role (apprentice)
>no endgame dream
>a sad backstory
Carrot has..
>a potential role (lookout)
>a potential endgame dream (dawn of the world)
>no sad backstory (though she did witness a close loved one of hers die right in front of her eyes)

Who will join the New Donquixote Pirates after Doffy breaks out?

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Found the doc, it's only 36 pages and has a lot of images so it really doesn't feel as long as it is.

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>after Doffy breaks out?

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Doffy is gonna seeth until EoS in ID, thats his gag now

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I think the intent here was creating an even MORE powerful mero-mero no mi user than Hancock herself. Many hancockfags have already been converted

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whens the last time they fired a cannon or plundered a ship

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Well Oda is probably never going to deconfirm them, so it's on a Schrödinger's cat situation in which it is and isn't. Now stop thinking about that and get on your knees, I know you didn't wish her a happy birthday either and need to make up for it.

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Ethics, as shown during a flashback of PH. For anything else, the CP0 used to buy from Caesar. Probably not a smart idea to use them openly tho, since it would cause even more civillians to join the revos.

Law is hot when he gets hurt

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While people were arguing about their waifus joining the crew or not, this guy has been more of a main character than most of the actual strawhats for the past decade.

Doffy will join the Strawhats

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Honestly, what are the chances that Oda will introduce a new type of haki? Advanced CoC will soon be played out and the next antagonists will be more powerful than ever. He had always hyped up the next stage of haki only to discard it for the next evolution. I feel that Shanks will also have something new under his sleeves to make him standout like Katakuri did with FS and Kaido with advancec CoC

Koby is CUTE, CUTE!

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haki beams

>Honestly, what are the chances that Oda will introduce a new type of haki?


Shanks has long distance haki blasts now. Next antagonist will just fuck up entire ships from kilometers afar.

So, how much more humiliation is the Big Meme crew going to have to endure? Will they be able to hold on to any of their prisoners by the time the cover story is over?

Is there not more Sanji/Reiju out there?

How did Koby age by like six years in less than six months?

I want a cover story at the end of the manga that is just Doffy changing positions in his cell and seething occasionally. That would be an excellent gag.

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>haki user is so strong it manifests into a unique power
>haki user dies
>devil fruit is born
screencap this

No, but the Smoothie Pirates apparently fucked CP0 ships up, so something will probably come out of it.


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He just worked out, ate right, and worked day and night.

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As much as I agree with this over all, the author trying to make sense out of Zoro’s role will never not be funny.
>Zoro has the nebulous role of Vice Captain

He's seething in prison, then escapes when Luffy one chapter's Impel down before the final war.
In the midst of war's chaos Doffy goes for Imu only to get utterly humiliated by the latter

That was actually Shanks, I think.

Garp grooming

Blackbeard is going to steal Iva's fruit to make Koby his woman (literally)

He’s been juicing.

You are a dirty pervert

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I want a doujin of Aramaki following Akainu around like a puppy during work with Akainu getting progressively more pissed off.

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I like your thinking.

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