Isekai Ojiisan

I'm liking the series but does the uncle ever get any personality or character growth? Seems weird that someone would go through 17 years of torture and still be a mild-mannered, kind individual.

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Seems like your standard isekai.

That's the joke

no and what's worse is that the girls never come to japan either

>Breaking news, isekai isn't very good, film at 11

This is completely realistic, most of the anons here have gone just as long without any personal growth.

hi already have grown to what hi is in present
the flashbacks are his story

He impregnates the elf girl, right?


He deletes his memories every time he is about to experience personal growth.

I do the same thing with alcohol.

No, he killed her to return. Then erased his memory.

That's not very nice.

This is fake.

No, he is the elf girl transformed into uncle after he died.

The elf girl isn't real, she is just an advanced illusion combined with clairvoyance and telekinesis spells that another old man is using to interact with the world.

I feel similar. Does this series just consist of the two same jokes about MC being seen as half-orc and ignoring an ever increasing circle of women that are after his cock from now on?

I liked a lot how it started, but it seems to fall into the same trap 95% of comedy and isekai anime suffer from. The friend of his nephew is also just in to up the women quota. Almost all of her screentime are just reaction to uncle's flashback movies together Takafumi. It's sad because I think they could have done so much more with a dude from the 90s that was trying to survive in a foreign world for 17 years and is mentally stuck in the past.

>elf commited suicide by uncle to kick him out after he became the world's enemy

the power of SEGA kept him sane

I was actually thinking of adding that, but I didn't want to sound too depressing.

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before he gets isekai'd he was an anti social Sega Fan, now he is a cool Uncle Sega Fan, his character growth is undeniable