A Couple of Cuckoos

Why did interest for the anime and manga drop so hard? And why did the anime fail to catch fire in Japan?

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Because the anime is shit.

>Because the anime is shit.
Explain how

It's your run-of-the-mill romcom that goes nowhere, people didn't even bother lighting up the dumpster.

How come KmK's anime seemed more popular? Was it because it was only a single cour or were there other factors in its favor?

Cuckoo pretends to be serious when it's just stupid. KmK doesn't hide its stupidity and even revels in it. That's it.

Not enough subversion and epic twists like quints manga had.

Quints were good for as long as Fuuts carried it. The moment POV was taken from him, it turned into generic haremshit.

We established it's a harem show, and then nothing happened. I was expecting more drama.

That doesn't explain why even interest for the manga died out too.

I think what really surprised me is how little Japan seems to care about the anime. Considering how popular the manga was there, you'd think they'd care more about it, but even in its season it wasn't even the most popular romcom anime. Shikimori, for all its flaws, seemed to have been more popular there.

I guess it's just that the audience is tired of the endless bullshit.

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Because they didnt lewd the daki enough

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Is it possible that Erika's pantsu being censored made at least some fans head for the exit, or did it not really matter much in the long run?

I thought they still liked the manga

Why do we hate erikaputa here?

We don't

One word: Erika
This bitch tanked the whole thing.

That would be Hiro.

Most people don't even care about Hiro. Go outside Any Forums and most of the show's fans are indifferent to her at worst. Any Forums's the only place that shows outright disdain for her.

>Sachi chapter isn't scanlated yet