What the fuck

what the fuck

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I don't see the problem.

She ruined Jolyne

>a good VA is voicing other characters
What's the problem here?

You haven't looked into Aki Toyosaki's portfolio then.

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The only Jolyne is Sawashiro. Fuck off zoomers, i dont care you werent even born when She was voicing her, so glad the netflix shit anime is failing.


Why are americans so obsessed with this "same voice actor" shit? They don't have ears?

I rabu Ai

All the high pitched raspy nip women sound the same to me

Okay then why do you care if they all sound like shit to you?

Araki ruined Jolyne.

So glad Studio David is getting exposed for the hacks they were all along. Took you faggots long enough.

Why are English VAs all fat?

wtf how can two characters be voiced by the same person

Chika Anzai has a variety of voice tones, as does Atsumi Tanazaki.

what is the problem?

For me, it's Yui Horie.

>2 roles

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They are american

So, how many dicks did she take to get the role of Power? Because she sure as hell wasn't picked based on merit.