Name a bigger Mary Sue

>everyone either loves or fears him, often both
>fought a multitude of wars without a single casualty in any of them
>has every superpower you can think of, including the ability to make up new superpowers
>if he fights anyone stronger than himself (or even just having a different set of powers) he gains their powers in a matter of seconds

I don't even know HOW you'd write a character to be more of a Mary Sue than Rimuru Tempest.

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thats pretty 13337

as for your question, i don't rimuru is doing much since clayman. now they're entering the 'developing a base' stage of isekai.

The internet has spoken, Rimuru confirmed for the one true elite mary sue.

Yeah, the story is in a pretty passive stage.
LN volumes 8-12 are like that.
Anime covers the first 6 LN volumes.
Manga covers the first 7, and has started on 8.
But from volume 13 onwards there's tonnes of fighting, and the powerscaling gets absolutely wild.

The truth I've come to learn is that people don't actually care as much about Sues a they pretend to. As long as the character appeals massively to many in som way, either via coolness, cuteness, sexiness, classiness or all of the above, they will completely disregard all else as they're already satisfied. It's not a problem becaue it's not getting in the way of their fun and enjoyment. in fact, it's enhancing it.

>Still afraid of Guy and Guy still pushes him around even when he quadruples him in power-levels and gets the best skills
He is such a pushover. He should let himself be rammed by Guy and Veldora already.

>I don't even know HOW

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That's not even what makes her bad, she is bad because he is a tranny.

I don't care, Milim sex.

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>that time I got reincarnated as a slime but almost immediately gained the ability to spend as much time as I want in the shape of a human, so becoming a slime might as well have not happened

idk the fucking gigafaggot protag of death march is pretty fucking awful too.

Honestly my biggest problem with Rimuru as a character is how inconsistent his character is.
WN: It's impossible to tell what the author was going for.
LN: He feels unrealistically cynical and sociopathic about everything, and there's little thought put into character development.
Manga: A very well-rounded depiction of him, IMO the manga version of Rimuru is the best one in the main series.
Anime: Based on the manga version of Rimuru, but feels kinda dull in comparison.
Diaries (spinoff): He feels like a middle-aged guy enjoying a fresh start in life but also dealing with some emotional baggage. This spinoff knew what depiction of Rimuru it was going for and nailed it perfectly.

The problem with his character being inconsistent is that he doesn't get as much character development as he should, since the manga is based on the LN but the LN version of Rimuru is very different and didn't really get any character development.
Since Diaries is a spinoff and comes up with scenes from scratch, it actually put thought into Rimuru's character development, and did it well.

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being a slime isn't about being weak its about being a monster race that gets looked down on, which leads to the whole statecraft civilization playing as the monster race faction

He is a genderless slime that wants his pee pee back, and only ever uses the excuse of being genderless to bathe with naked girls.

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Imagine being such a retarded tranny that you can't even go a single sentence without contradicting yourself.

Who cares nigga he is cute

His thought patterns are that of a man, he thinks himself of a man, and asks everyone to address him as a man. So he can't be a 'she' in the tranny pronoun theory.
His looks are androgenic by default (being more feminine or masculine requires the black mist) and he doesn't have any genitalia at all, so physically he is genderless. His species just reproduce by asexually splitting.

It's androgynous you retard, and that's just a pathetic tranny cope they have obviously drawn a girl.

Androgenic means "man creating"
Androgens are a class of chemical compounds which engender masculinity.
The term you're looking for is androgynous.
Andro- man
Gyn- woman
Gen- create

Why does a guy having a cute face makes you seethe so hard? Some insecurities you wanna share with the rest of us, user?