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Is Any Forums ready for the best arc in all of jojo's series?

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I m still confused about the snails

No one were snails, they just perceived themselves as snails and acted accordingly. Been a while since I read it though, what I remember was the qrd was all about perception

I see, maybe the anime will improve it. The fights in the anime in general feel better and clearer in the anime especially the maximum security ward ones

yes, but steel ball run doesn't come until 5 years at least

no there were snails. like go switching from doppio to diavolo caused him to physically grow taller and chsnge physique, the mind makes it real

No, they were in fact snails. The illusion was so strong that it produced an incredibly powerful placebo effect, turning their bodies into snails.

Been ready for months now, fucking Netflix. If this had been weekly we'd be done by now.

I can die happy after watching the C-Moon fight animated.

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I fucking hate Netflix. There’s still tons of fans who don’t know the second batch of episodes released

to be honest, the episodes were complete shit...

damn, why didint this sexy girl get any screen time?

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You're going to love Steel Ball Run.

Yeah, looking forward to it. See you next year!

steel ball run did It better

*all the tired horses by Bob Dylan sounds un the background*

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I just got done watching the newest batch and what the fuck was that last fight with Jail House Lock. Like I remember it not making much sense in the manga but it feels like it made even less sense here. It genuinely felt like a Troll Science image with the amount of mental gymnastics involved. I especially don't understand why Miu Miu just gives up right at the end by deactivating her ability when she's got them surrounded with guards (which also somehow didn't trigger the invisibility thing) but then reactivates it on the guards (even though they aren't thinking of escaping because they're not prisoners?) to let Jolyne parade her around like a bitch?

Seriously, what the fuck was that? Great concept for a stand, interesting dynamic of her fucking with Jolyne in the first half, completely falls apart when Miu Miu discovers Emporio's hidden room.

It's the second worst, and that's only because Phantom Blood feels like a near lawsuit worthy ripoff of HnK. As awful as most of Part 6 is at least it's original.

Heavy Weather uses the Stand's complete control of the weather to change the way light reflects through the ozone layer to make sunlight have a subliminal message that tricks people into subconsciously believing they are snails

this subconscious belief that they are snails then physically turns them into snails. It's the dumbest Stand in JoJo history and ruins previous parts as well.

To be frank I never quite got Heavy Weather. Not because of the subliminal thing, but the ozone layer thing. If Weather can just straight up delete it (and keep a layer around him for fun) and his only motivation after his girlfriend's death was destruction, why didn't it just doom the planet?

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