Even with how sexy Kiss X Sis is...

Even with how sexy Kiss X Sis is, I can not help but feel that it is a pretty sweet anime as they establish that he isn't just a mere sex toy but someone they really like.

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You will never have two girls fight over you while tongue kissing each other. Why live?

I want to be my cute sisters' sex toy

>no cute sisters

I prefer the kyonyuu megane girl.

Wow that last chapter was underwhelming
No wonder the attentionwhores took so long

Only Miharu, who peed herself while being carried on Keita's shoulders, is the best girl in the show. Holy water!

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How come Mikazuki never got a toilet scene when every single other girl got at least one?

Did you watch it in the correct watch order?

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what the fuck

It actually makes sense. OVA begins with him deciding to get into his sisters' school and the TV has him studying for it.

The teacher and her loli sister were the best girls and Keita's an asshole for screwing up so often with all 5 girls.

wait what the fuck the OVA and TV series are both 12 episodes?

The correct order is always the release order, not the in universe chronology

Why did this shit have to persist as long as it did? Couldn't even have a sweet degeneracy end. It hurts.

It's was just that popular, and the OVAs are not fit for TV.
I still can't believe the manga is over.

There's more than 2

>not blood related

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>The correct order is always the release order
You wish faggot.

This is both the release order and in-universe chronology. OVA was stopped for a moment since it was too hot for TV.

Watched every OVA the moment it came out. The anime was meh, good but not as good.