Love Live!

Would you play video games to make Ren happy?

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You couldn't *pay* me to waste my time on vidya. Mashing buttons for hours is a chore and you don't take away anything meaningful from the experience.

Kanon is so underrated

More like overrated.

That's rich coming from someone who posts on Any Forums.

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But Kanon is fun and sexy

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Depends, what vidya does she play

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Did you watch the recent episode? That should give ideas.

Homin sucks

>QU4RTZ comes right in with their softer song after Homin's Eutopia
fucking kek

going in the order they aired in the anime, but yes very contrasting songs


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>their episode is the only one that surpassed the Nijis'

oh God

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Are you telling me even Japan hates this season? I would have thought that fans hating Superstar S2 was more of a non-Japanese opinion.

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