What's the best anime episode you've ever seen?

what's the best anime episode you've ever seen?

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the episode of sakurasou where he meets her at the airport and the ED music starts playing

Madoka 10.

tenchi muyo "the night before the carnival"

NGE 24.

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fooly cooly ep6. it was definitley formative at least

I love Yui.

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Ping Pong episode 10

The one where the cast looked directly into the camera, said my full name, address, and phone and social security number and then stared at me until I turned the TV off.

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Post Kyoani

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I'll never forget the split second they showed this, really threw me out of the loop. Not to mention they did this after laying the foundation with the legends and lore surrounding the series.

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Madoka episode 7

UBW episode 20

Birdy Decode 2 eps 7 and 12

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Kamisama no Memochou ep1

I dunno about THE best, but it's up there.

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yeah, i struggle to come up with a "best" episode. usually what stands out to me the most is when an episode really sells me on a show that I was previously just okay with

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gridman 9

Decode's visuals are definitely dated now, but it had so much soul, I love it even now as I'm nearing 30