Starts off as a comfy gang of losers dicking around with a time machine

>Starts off as a comfy gang of losers dicking around with a time machine
>Ends with conspiracy and fatalism suffering
I never fully rewatch the show because I hate when the plot actually comes in.

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I guess there's two kinds of Steins Gate fans, the ones who don't like the beginning and ones who don't like the end.

I don't agree with OP but yes the ending is very weak compared to the rest of the show

This shit is overrated, just bland characters (except for the MC when he isn't depressed) with basic time travel stuff.

cry faggot

the two kinds of s;g fans are the kind who played the vn vs the animeonlys who post garbage like OP

>the ending is very weak compared to the rest of the show
? It's literally the hallmark of the show

I read the manga once and it was fine, but hell if I can remember any specifics

imagine living such a sad life, that you can't find enjoyment in the media you watch

stop spouting garbage and generalizing because you saw a bad op, both are fine

What a sad pathetic man you are.

My point is that OP should read the VN instead of rewatching the poor anime adaptation multiple times

>poor anime adaptation
Newshit detected.

read the VN

>poor anime adaptation

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I really liked the tonal shift. It is a slow burn up to ep 12 but it's just more of a SOL with hijinks than a psycho-thriller. Which I think actually gives it a lot more impact. The VN kind of leads you in with the thriller aspect early simply because it's interactive and makes you approach it in a different way.

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it wasn't a good adaptation if that's what you're suggesting

I'd already done, way before you did. Again: newshit detected.

sure, ok

Watched the show because of how much everyone sucked it's dick. Didn't like it. Tried the VN; didn't like it.

What the fuck is the appeal? I can't understand what people like about it at all. Bunch of chuuni retards larp and then actually end up with a time machine and some anus ex machina unfolds.

When the anime was airing and when it finished the general consensus here was contigous: it's one of the best VN to anime adaptations ever created. This is why I said you're probably a newshit faggot from reddit who wants to think he's a special snowflake for not liking the adaptation. Just stop. It makes you retarded and not special.

And before you attack: my favorite anime are Fairy Tail and Naruto.

if the adaptation was good people wouldn't be skipping half of it
come on now

There's only one kind of Steins Gate fan. The one that doesn't shut the fuck up after watching it the first time. Shit is a decade old give it a fucking rest.