Boku no hero academia

>saves the manga for two chapters
>refuses to elaborate
>O MY ORIGAMI HEART happens right after

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>>saves the manga for two chapters
>>refuses to elaborate

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cant wait for shigaraki and afo to rape bakugo next chapter.

>it’s another bacuck chapter

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Will Deku manage to save AFO?

Deku's saving services are very selective.

>saves the manga
We get it op, you are gay

I feel obligated to mention that the specific Spider-Man comic Hori did a homage to had a storyline where Spider-Man fought a guy who turned out to be a younger clone of his father

I just want deku back. I can't take this filler trash anymore, literally haven't been reading the manga for 4 months now, just speedreading the summaries at this point

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Look at this dude and say you wouldn't go gay too.

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I would for a quirk or two

Shiggy is saving the manga from Edgeshit, don't worry.

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>Shiggy is saving the manga

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Edgeshot will obviously be successful while that empty shell you call a villain hits himself in the background.

Did you forget about his Bio-Nomu army?

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Who dies (permanently) next?

>implying that'll ammount to anything
Do you never learn? Bakugo was brought back and you still haven't

if quirks were always so mild and grew in strength over generation. how the fuck did the world fell into disarray so quickly?

and what the hell was AFO doing at the dawn of quirks? im pretty sure taking and giving is a powerful quirk.

would MHA be better if it was set during to dawn of vigilantism?

True, but this would be a really fucking weird cliffhanger to ignore.

>would MHA be better if it was set during to dawn of vigilantism?
I seriously doubt Hori could be able to write proper morality downfall and character growth in a national crisis scenario or would he want to. He's an black and white guy.

thought he died

hori can't even write well.

it would've been better off if they worked with someone who didn't spend their time drawing until they fall asleep.

what will his last quirk be

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Universal quirk erasure.