Why do demon lords make the best love interest in an isekai adventure?

Why do demon lords make the best love interest in an isekai adventure?

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>isekai advertised delicious boythighs in cover
>it's actually a fucking girl

Because being a demon lord generally comes with some level of competence and understanding of the world.

But what about demon gods?

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Religion Bad, Demon Good. Nips can't write


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Kuro > Alice > Isis > Sieg > Lilia
guess in what chapter i am.

Abel should breed her

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>Western World
>Kimono exist
Why ?

>used goods

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I like it when the demon lord is a girl

>>used goods
Who? Pretty sure all of them are pure, including the fairies.

But what about the tail?

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Did the manga just stop?

mangaka is ill

sounds you like a you problem faggot.

It's the ideal romance

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It's the horns

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She was a yandere all along! Holy crap!

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I mean it seems like it was going back to the cooking but it's gonna get weird again isn't it?

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Is MADK seriously the only good Yaoi/BL Isekai?
I've read a bunch and it's the only one with an actual setting/plot, no baiting without payoff, and no shitty seme/uke roles

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That's a child you disgusting freak

gorillion years old

Have you tried The Show Must Go On? I feel like it fits most of your requirements, though it does fall into a few of the genre's pitfalls. It's getting a manga soon, too.

But it got an anime so sales must be good

There's an island that's continently Japanese in culture.

Hasn't he been doing that since like chapter 3?

Fantasy worlds have a convenient "fareastlandia" that has nippon culture. Sometimes it's handwaved as some previous isekaijin's influence, sometimes there's no excuse, just a spot for yukatas and onsen and oh you use katana and have black hair like east people.

hornless also looks nice

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Not so much in the recent chapters