Kaiji ultimate survivor

You should watch Kaiji ultimate survivor.
Yes it might look ugly to you. Get over it and watch it. It's a good show.

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I won't get over how ugly it looks to me. I also can't begin to empathize with degenerate gamblers, so I don't think I'd like it. I'm glad you enjoyed it though.

>I also can't begin to empathize with degenerate gamblers
You aren't supposed to, it's a cautionary tale

it isnt ugly, you just have brainrot from generic moeblobs

Kek this basic bitch ass motivation 101 is what Kaijifags creamed themselves to.

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>motivation 101
It's happening to you right now

Nice projection

brutal fucking blackpill

it's unfortunate that it's framed as something you have control over though

thats what this website is all about

The webm of this part always cuts out the part right before that lays out why he pointed that out about people living like that.
they are sick

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bad brain syndrome

Braindead op. I like kaiji but we should recognize people have different, if inferior taste, and might not like the things we like, not tell them to watch it like some mongrel.

Opinion discarded.

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Kaiji is great but I actually liked Tonegawa more.

I couldnt get into tonegawa.

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*ZAWA* *zawa* *ZAWA*

So many great antagonists in this show. Is the manga worth reading even if I'm clueless about Mahjong?

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Kaiji manga is very good. Part 6 kinda sucks though. Also learn mahjong pleb

I might as well desu. Been looking for my next read anyway.

are they still running away

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The schadenfreude boner I got from that scene was something else.