Neia on the big screen!

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>tfw saw some good pestonya porn recently

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>That's terrible. I don't want to lose. I never want to lose. It's a lie that I want to know defeat. All I really wanted was to deny my own strength. Or is it denial of my mother? I want the blood that flows in me, the blood that comes from the days of not being loved. But I wish I could have protected something precious, even with my own power. Then I might be able to forgive my mother a little. I could have never wanted to be defeated. Even such a feeling must be frustrated. (I wish I could have forgiven my mother a little, even though I had wanted so much not to lose. And then it became pitch black.
so did she die?

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no, did you not keep reading?


In what volume of the LN do we get to learn more about the happy farms? I'm at vol 9 and still barely heard about it.

I'm not going to link the cursed site. It's a nice pic of her in stockings spreading her ass, I'm sure you'll find it

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Vol 16 full trans came out?

nah I used ocr to translate

Chibi Nabe

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>he can't read raws

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Neia thread?

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Every thread is a Neia thread!

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Absolutely never. Even when Ainz actually goes to where they're located they don't get mentioned.

Concussed Nabe

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Ainz will never get his happy ending because the NPCs will never treat him as an equal and he'll be lonely for the rest of his immortal life

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I wonder if ainz told PA to grow a horse cock and fuck her as punishment


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Ainz probably just yelled at her in private

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Sounds good to me then...

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My friend wants to know what getting swallowed by Solution would feel like, haha. What a weird thing to wonder about, haha.

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Lupus is made for scolding, nabe is made for punishment fucking

Yuri is for blaming for embarrassing mistakes