What are they doing?

What are they doing?

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Early breast cancer detection saves lives.

They're just wrestling. Luvia's winning.


Whoever wins, we all win.

Yuri always win.

gals being pals

god I love watching anime whores hatefucking other anime whores


That's a terrible hold. Luvia's hips are too high and she hasn't even posted Rin's legs out to stop her from rolling. But what can you expect from female sports?

Hot action.

prepping themselves for me.

Your mom

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Sheiiiit. They're getting set for Tyrone to part their cheeks.

Reminder Rin is canonically bisexual

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Reminder that this was Rin’s harem

And that's why we love her.

Licking some cooch, especially a beautiful one like Saber's, doesn't make you bisexual. It's like calling someone a faggot just because he sucked a cock.


She's the most popular fate girl for a reason.

you mean despite takeuchi being a mentally ill retard who can't draw for shit