TFW no Gyaru GF irl

TFW no Gyaru GF irl

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>used goods
into the trash she goes

>used goods
into my room she goes

>used goods
by me

I can refurbish her

I can make her clean again

Post the title so that I can filter this whore

The title is right there, you really should learn how to read at some point user it's becoming embarrassing

>roastie is bored of the cock carousel and is relieved that her new beta provider only wants to hold hands
I hope I can find a girl just like her.

>used goods
It's not that bad to date them, but let me guess, MC is a beta virgin who blushes when they hold hands or use their given names...
Some CHAD senpai will tell him he fucked that whore and of course he will defend the slut. Just fuck her and ditch her as soon as you find a virgin.

Women are not goods.

Within the post retard, I already have the words in my filter

Right, they are evils.

They are pathological liars.

She's pretty hot. I like everything about her look.

Why are women so fucking vapid and superficial?

>inb4 Nietzsche
He's still right.

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The guilt makes (You) live rent-free in her head all the time.

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Wow, it's almost like that's how human evolution worked naturally.

I have zero desire for that. I just want something genuine.

It's not realistic. Women are natural born whores and cheaters. You'll learn it soon or later.

An men are not?

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Do these gyaru girls even exist in Japan...?

Oh yes.

Not all of them, many men really want a healthy and pure relationship. Women will always be guided by lust and social points. Once they become old hangs they're ready to "settle down". I'm not blaming them, it's their nature. It's like blaming a down kid for being retarded.

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Men are designed to spread their genes with as many women as possible. Since caveman days. They don't have to worry about getting pregnant.