Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

It's been over a decade since this retarded garbage aired. Have we finally been able to figure out why Nero was such a bitch?

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Your retardation defies all explanation.

What a fun show

If you're tarded.

Me am tarted

Nero is the best character. I will not tell you how I arrived at this conclusion.

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Das coo. You must be happy tarded.

didn't they do a season where it went all serious instead of the usual shenanigans?

Posting in a milky holmes thread in 2022!

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arsene was the best girl

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They made a VN / galge the same year as original anime and Alternative was basically an adaptation of that. It's common for media-mix franchises to go wildly different routes between mediums, Galaxy Angel and Di Gi Charat were like that too (anime horses around, VN is an orthodox galge).

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It's the name. Have you ever known of anyone named Nero that wasn't a bitch?

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Arsene doesn't hold a candle to Henriette

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One of the many great mysteries that remains unsolved, along with "Who is this semen demon?"

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Why is Hercule such a slut?


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Sex with Kokoro
That's all


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>Sex with Kokoro-chan

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must put penis in kokoro-chan

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