What would you think of Chizuru if she had sex for money?

What would you think of Chizuru if she had sex for money?

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She would have more respectable clientele.

Kazuya would still find some way to escape having sex

But she does that already.

What do you mean 'if'?


Cope kazuya you cuck loving faggot. She's a virgin & is ONLY into you. Get over your shitty ntr cuck fantasies already you dumbass. Worst mc on the planet i swear.


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I'd want her contact info.

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Chizuru only likes sex with smelly old men. She enjoys it so much that she pays them to cum inside.

nothing, I don't really care about her selling her body for a living

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You should. I don't know how many escorts you've been with(I've been with several) but kissing one and tasting some old guy's...man its not a good experience.

Chizuru is a used-up prostitute, she's always somebody else's sexual leftovers. I get what you're saying but as long as it's been 3-4 days since her last ""appointment"" I don't make a big deal out of it. If she hasn't even had time for a bath or to brush her teeth, yeah that is yucky

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Why does kazuya think of chizuru this way? He needs meds.


that she's trying to survive in this shitty capitalist world

I'd think she was a shrewd business woman

honestly the shittiest romcom i've ever seen
watching it purely out of inertia at this point

actually i take this back shikimori is the worst
this is easily 2nd place however

it's good, fag

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t. reiji miyajima

sensei wouldn't use such a distateful word