Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura is NOT a monster!

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I just got to episode 10 of this anime and it's so amazing that I needed to make a thread. However I was scared to ask any plot related questions since I'm nowhere near done. So please, take this moment to talk about how wonderful my daughter Sakura is

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The monster is glitching out!

Not yet, anyways.

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Imagine the smell of her prepubescent feet haha

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Kaiju attack.

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marrying and impregnating sakura (but only after her first menstruation)

Let's be honest; if Sakura was real you'd bully her too.

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why is she so happy smug while holding an adult's hand

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she sure does monstrous things to my libido


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She killed millions!

But she makes me happy.

if you impregnate Sakura when she's giant would the baby be giant or regular-sized or tiny?

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Sakura's SOILED panties

If Sakura was real I'd rummage through her closet for goodies

Nope. She is probably the best magical girl though, thanks in large part to all of Tomoyo's costumes.

>She is probably the best magical girl
There's lots of other candidates.

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Sakura's aqua nails

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become small, i bet she's gonna be very proud of the baby and is gonna be the envy of the other girls