Meta thread for the sake of improving the board

How would everyone feel of a ms. and mr. Any Forums tournament kinda like the ones that take place on Any Forums and Any Forums?

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Fuck off

Get rid of shounen threads. Permaban every IP which posts in /dbs/ threads. Rangeban South America.

I vote myself Mr. A

>How would everyone feel of a ms. and mr. Any Forums tournament kinda like the ones that take place on Any Forums and Any Forums?
The fuck is that, like a tripfag popularity contest?

Delete Any Forums

Filter slurs!

Just because you attach this image to your meta post doesn't mean it won't get deleted

kill yourself OP

>kinda like the ones that take place on Any Forums and Any Forums?
I'm offended you assume I know what goes on in Any Forums or Any Forums.

So many truly great mangas are in the shounen category. We can't just ban them all! Also dbs is contained to one thread so I don't see the problem

Get rid of moe threads. Permaban every IP which posts in moe threads. Rangeban Europoors.

Delete 4channel and turn it back to Any Forums. After that delete Any Forums as well

Define moe.

I would hate that intensely, almost as much as I hate you.

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Further proof that shounentards are all newfags.

Make a separate board for mango.
Anime secondaries are scientifically proven to be 50 points lower on IQ on average, I do not want to share space with such filth.

Start off by deleting this horrid thread.



FUCK Nino.

Anything I dont like


contain all horny threads in one

I wish

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For the love of god, someone do something about the massive amount of shounen generals. There's a hundred One Piece, Dragon Ball and JJK threads a day. At least isekaifags tend to keep it to one thread, but these fags make multiple threads at the same time.

Would be nice

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Any Forums user here. In the next few posts I will elaborate on exactly who is behind messages like these, and why you often see them crop up...

Posting random sceeenshots I have saved on my phone

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What if Hiro died tomorrow

Permaban on any post that has a 3d or western image.

>At least isekaifags tend to keep it to one threa
No they dont

Manhwa and Manhua /mm/ board when? this unhappy unity on this board has gone on far enough

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So many truly great manga are in the shounen category. We can't just ban them all! Also dbs is contained to one thread so I don't see the problem

Now what faglord?

>hey guize how about we copy reddit's popularity contest
fuck off

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I wish /e/fags would post and stay on their board

/trash/ already exists, though.

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Ther should be mandatory Futanari threads every day

There have been a ton of IP range blocks from making topics and it's grinded traffic down.

Treat the post as spam if it has over 50% greentext

>be the author of this absolutely terrible suggestion
>refuse to go back
many such cases

What the fuck is wrong with you newfaggots
>all this shounen hate
Moetroons get the rope

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Nah the japs love him too much they even made a TTS of him


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>pretends to not be a newfag

>calling anyone newfag
Sasuga election tourist

Maybe if you didn't make a hundred threads an hour people wouldn't care so much.

There tournaments that take place once a year over the course of a week.
The following is how Any Forums does it. I don't know about Any Forums

The first day of the tournament is nominations.Anons will post their girl/boy(depends on the tournament) of choice with an image and a source for the comic or cartoon(a manga or anime for our purposes) said boy/girl comes from. Once the post with the girl/boy gets a certain number of replies(it was 9 for Any Forums) their name is put onto a list.

On the second day, qualifiers start. Anons will go through the list and select any character they want in the tournament. The 128 characters with the most votes will officially be in the tournament.

During the next 5 days these characters will be put into brackets where each of them will be voted out until there's one left.
That final character will be declared the winner

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So like the @sexytumblrmenotd

Guess I'll vote for you then

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I think we need to ask how to make posters less awful. Maybe we should be calling people faggots more often.

Kanji captcha

several genres have their own boards like what's the problem with shounen?

How about stop calling people faggots

We went from everyone intuitively understanding why general threads were the death rattle of the board 10 years ago to just quietly accepting them.
Mods don't really care about anything other than nominally retaining their positions even if Any Forums and its rule enforcement is warped beyond all recognition.
>doesn't matter
>i'm still the mod
>i'm still the guy
>i'm helping
But to think that you'd have to be delusional or simply never look at the board.

Extreme autism fests for waifu/husbando fags of the worst kind, literal mod approved waifu wars

Is it finally time for me to learn the runes?

I'm going to be honest with you Anonymous. This thread is really about a potential popularity contest that could be on this board.
I'm only disguising it as a meta thread so it doesn't immediately get deleted

Stuff like Dragon Ball, Naruto/Boruto, One Piece and HxH tend to have several threads active at the same time, all day long. Just look at the catalogue every time a new OP chapter comes out.