Isn't Sayu out of Yoshida's league? Sayu is a 10/10 goddess, Yoshida is between a 4 and a 6

Isn't Sayu out of Yoshida's league? Sayu is a 10/10 goddess, Yoshida is between a 4 and a 6.

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What does a 10/10 male character even look like? They all look the same.

no hymen = 0/10
incels lose all interest in you and chads view you as his next pnd slampig. you are etenally stuck with midtier demotivated boring so ybois

She lowered her rating by 0.01 per customer to the point where he is actually scoring higher than her.

Sayu is a 6/10 with low standards due to fucking people left and right

>10/10 male
HUGE hands

Then what is Gotou?

>Whore that sleeps with anyone for food
She's a 1/10 user. Yoshida just has low standards

Gotou is a drawn as a 10 in the Anime but she's probably a 6 irl, look at videos in jewtube from unmarried Japanese women to see what the real gotous look like

He's tall so at least 8/10 automatically.

>irl japanese women
They're 4/10 on average

Its because you simps are so fucking easy to please. You will rate the most generic cutout anime girl as a 10. There are no ugly anime girls for you.

Gotou >>>>>>> Sayu

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How many confessions has she turned down?

Chinese electric batman?

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>What does a 10/10 male character even look like?

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You're not me.

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lol this

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Sayu = std ridden slut who thinks every problem can be solved with her vagina
Gotou = manipulative coldhearted but muh tits "anal virgin" who didn't care until she saw a younger prettier girl going for her fallback guy
Intern = meddling psycho stalker who thinks she should be loved while doing absolutely nothing to deserve it

There's only one good girl and girlfriend material in that shitshow and it's pic related.

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