Can you tolerate a bad story in manga, as long as the art is good?

Can you tolerate a bad story in manga, as long as the art is good?

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I only read manga if it has good art.
For this reason I cannot and will not read mainstream titles such as Attack on Titan.

...actually, yes.

Generally I read manga for the art and how moe it is.
A general rule of thumb is if the manga takes itself seriously, it is in all probability a bad manga.

No. In fact, the opposite is true. Any Forums can shit on something's art/animation, but if the story's good, then it's worth watching. People here seem to forget that sometimes.

Define "bad story".
I don't care how simple and formulaic a story is as long as it's well executed and accomplishes what it's meant to accomplish.


That ecchi manga about the hot teachers and their students has godly art, but I couldn't even force myself to jerk to it. At this point even porn needs to have a serviceable story to get me going

You give a dry fuck about the story?

No. Pic related

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Nah, i can tolerate if the art is shit and the story is good and not the other way around, like one punch man the art in webmanga is atrocious but the story is fun, in the "official" manga the art is gorgeous but the story is boring as fuck. The only manga where i almost gave it a pass was in bleach, the art was really good but the story was really boring after a while.

Likable characters > good story

Which one

Do or do not there's no trying.
Yeah I like some doujinshis that has a good story or just the ones that's fucking, the worst are the ones that try to tell a shit story and the porn is there to make the person read, most of the times I just skip this parts

medaka box

More than I would if the art was also bad, but in the end I'd still end up judging it like "the art's great but the story sucks." A bad story might even be more frustrating if the art is good.

My balls is a good recommendation for Ecchi with a fun story

there is all kinds of 'bad' stories
do you mean incomprehensible? 99% of commercial narratives are awful due mostly to being incomprehensible, ineffective at conveying character, or both at the same time.
Much of it has to do with translations and loss in adaptation because unless it's an extreme niche interest (guro, for example) Japanese editors will simply reject things that are too generic or too nonsensical. But this is all in a Japanese context where readers outside of Japan won't 'get it' even on the bare bones level due to needing to know a certain amount of Shinto and Edo period history and nuance as well as their specific island culture.
I'm sure it happens the other way around, too, where people 'don't get' things like American camp or b-movie horror schlock. I imagine 'Surf Nazis Must Die' 1987 might be a little alienating and incomprehensible to non Americans.
As a commercial enterprise, however, the people with the money who invest in stories tend to throw spaghetti at the wall instead of following any formula or chasing trends (I know it seems like they are always chasing trends but they really don't have the time to discriminate, it's the artists (hacks) themselves that chase trends while the money people don't care either way) but this means the dollar or yen decides 'what's good' and not self aware thinking people. We are at the mercy of the lowest common denominator. Great movies, animes or books might be better but niche while a 'sort of good enough' generic work of fiction becomes ubiquitous because nobody really hates it and it's easy to digest no matter what your mood is so groups of people find it easier to compromise going to see feel good trash than anything 'serious' that someone in the group isn't in the mood for.
What is bad story, specifically? Even in stories where characters don't act in a familiar human way or everything is purposefully nonsensical (like Shimeji Simulation) the story can still be good.

No. A beautifully decorated shit is still shit

Good art is a diamond dozen in Japan, so no. Hell, I don't think I've encountered a manga where the art was the source of discontent unless it's something from the early 00s and back.

The art is the only reason I'm still reading My Hero Academia, so yes. Horikoshi needs to pull an Oh!Great and get an author to work with.

Sometimes. Depends on if the story is just "bad", or if it's actively offensive in some way like doing spread after spread while going fucking nowhere.
In cases like the latter I get annoyed and stop reading. If that's the shit you want to do, stop doing manga and just do standalone art.

Nice bait

I think that op is asking "can you tolerate reading a series that has a bad story (in your opinion) but art" not asking the definition of bad story, because it is relative to try to classify a bad story, it can be bad for you but someone else enjoys it, you can be in some life stage that this story cam be considered bad and etc