Whats with the trend of pretending Dragon Ball characters are black?

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Americans want to feel represented

They're monkeys

Blacks and Hispanics identify strongly with Dragon Ball too. It got a whole generation into weightlifting


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>saiyans like fighting
>they're literal monkeys
>only learn through physical punishment
>were enslaved by a white alien


>Turn into blonde green-eyed aryans when they ascend into super sayian

Forgot that one. Also Goku and Vegeta work hard for their power. Work is something that niggers don't even know what it means

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Black women straighten their hair and wear contacts, also they are always bragging and holding up their mixed race kids.

Virtue-signalling racist Americans are outraged that all these Black DB fans were completely fine with Dragon Ball as-is for all these decades, so they're getting butthurt on their behalf.

that's 100% a murrilard thing
such trend doesn't exist anywhere in asia

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Blacks claiming Piccolo is black is the weirdest one.
Yeah, the quiet, stoic, responsible character with strong paternal instincts definitely represents blacks. Those are the qualities negroes embody.

What trend?
I've never heard of this until now
Maybe its more common on your home site, maybe you should do back...?

people have been doing black dbz and simpsons swaps since the 90s though

niggers are so desperate for representation they remake existing characters as black instead of making their own

They already are

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I think it's the Voice in the Dub and the vaguely middle eastern Cothing stuff He's got, I'm not blackI'm a spic but piccolo always gave off "black person energy" to me as a kid, and I say that as someone who's also considerably racist but also considers piccolo my favorite character.
Also it may be due to the lack of hair cause during the early 2000s and even now completely shaved heads are a very popular style amongst black people especially kids so that might have influenced child me/other american kids growing up watching DBZ.
however regardless he's a green alien not a black person so there's never going to be any actual legit evidence to why people push or see it

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This is literally what Frieza sees

>it's okay for fat and scat artwork but don't you dare make them into other ethnicities!!11!1