Dragonball (and anime in general) needs to start adding more ryona again

Dragonball (and anime in general) needs to start adding more ryona again.

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Especially tomboyish girls

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impossible, women are stronger than men

>impossible, women are
*gets raped throughout history

It's not hot when it's a fighting match

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Women FANTASIZE about this, so you shouldn’t do ryona to them. You’re just giving them what they want.

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You can always visit our ryona general on /d/.

Nope, women cant be hurt by men,nope nope thats blasphemy

Only when it comes to shitty female characters.

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This. You think you are hurting them, but they actually enjoy it. (Notice the blush)

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Based, is she still dead btw?

I hope she comes back just to get killed again, that would be so funny.

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Who killed her? is she still dead?

I hope she gets shot/punch through her big tits. I’m aware the big tits are only in the anime version, so that would be a long wait.

Yes, she is dead. I figured they would revive her (and they still might) but it has been extremely long for an ostensibly major character.

I hope not, props to the mangaka for actually killing his characters

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My Hero Academia

As Frieza would say, I'm going to schlurp that boy up.

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Base vorebro