Have you ever lost interest in a series cause it ran too long?

I dropped this shit cause it is never going to end. All momentum/build-up is effectively gone at this point. I'm not waiting 10 years.

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I only seen season 1. is the rest worth it

The light novel has ended and the sequel didn't have new volume in 6 years

Yes plenty. Wan Piss, Boatserk, your pic related, etc.

It's fine but in the end there are more answers than questions

nearly every sports series.

m-more answers than questions? wtf that mean.

thats what makes it kino and stand out from the rest its just pure baseball and no stupid romances or outside drama. i can see it ending after the inashiro game but i think it can go on a lot longer into his third year.

I meant the opposite I fucked up

yea, one piece

I stopped caring about it 12 years ago

and there are still people reading it today. mindbogglingly

>no stupid romances
it needs some romances tho. it's full of qts

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no go watch any other sports anime where they have a romance arc or watch hentai. keep my dna pure.

>no go watch any other sports anime where they have a romance arc or watch hentai.

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I follow Prince of Tennis, so no. I dropped this because it became all about Furuya. I only really cared about Eijun (and Chris-sempai) and could not give less of a shit about Furuya's bullshit. I decided to only skim until Eijun became the MC again, then pick it up and skip all the Furuya-related chapters.

Detective conan

Inashiro match still isn't over? Thank god I stopped right before to binge it later.

>throw 1 pitch
>20 different people react
>rinse and repeat

baseball is already slow enough so let's slow it down even more

if u haven't read/watched any of mitsuru adachi's works i think they're up your alley. also major and ao ashi.
they're at the bottom of the ninth inning now. its obviously looking to go on for extra innings and i think its gonna be a battle of attrition even though sawamura wasnt even the starter of the game i haven't counted the chapters but it feels shorter thus far than the ichidai game.

I said romance, not melodrama

I hate melodrama

try chihayafuru and re-main.

I stopped reading One Piece 10 years ago too but I still fap to Nami lewds.

Yeah, in spite of being horribly burnt out I would say it's worth it.
I marathoned the anime and dropped it on the penultimate ep of the final season before I just got sick of it and never went back

eyeshield 21
watched like over 50 episode, but it was so fucking repetitive