Literally Kino

Literally Kino.

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Do you faggots only know one word to describe something you like?


Best Senshi.

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Too tall

>introduce supposedly unusually tall (for Japan) female character
>make later, supposedly more powerful female characters increasingly taller than her because apparently that's the only way to represent strength/power/the general quality of being imposing
>never have anyone comment on these characters' even more freakish heights even though these characters are huge for women even outside of Japan, except maybe if you're in the Netherlands or something

Takeuchi a hack

For me it's Iron Mouse

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It's Ami's birthday! Post Ami!

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Funnily enough, her name Makoto Kino.

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She's only 5'6'', which is strange cause I see girls that height or above (or my height which is 5'11'') all the time.

It would make sense if she was like above 6 feet or something, but Japanese people are just pretty short.

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>but Japanese people are just pretty short.
That's exactly the disconnect here.
She's tall- for a Japanese middle school girl.
Usagi is only like, 4'10 and no one comments on her short stature.

It was a different time plus japs are pretty short, now Makoto is your everyday model.

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Best hair
best girl

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>usagi and the girls on their way to meet a horse

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