More like oversex

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The true moralfags are the one crying about muh prince dying to the noble hands

Moralfags nuked the previous thread.

Is this Lumiere?

sexo armpits

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outside of nazarick and his guild is ainz capable of empathy?


Yes, he becomes quite favorably inclined towards best girl.


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I wonder what wish Jaldabaoth made when he used his ability Soul Bought Miracle in the fight against Remedios.

In an alternate timeline without Nazarick, he did.

tranny jannies get mad over the stupidest things

I will protect her from moraltards!

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mfw waiting on the next episode

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How do you not have 14 different shows downloaded and sitting in your backlog?

all isekai

I'm picky about what I watch

>I have already watched everything worth watching that has ever been made
No you haven't.

Why Ainz didn't use potions in his fight with the loli vampire? Potions were a topic in this series since the begining. In the novels he didn't use them neither.

Potions can't heal damage from the heart

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Ainz is such a fag

Because he's an ultimate gamer and decided he was going to disrespect worst girl by handicapping himself.

He added Enri's sister to the people that must be protected just out of goodwill.