My little brother (he's 13) said he's a lolicon. He really likes characters like pic related. Should I beat his ass?

My little brother (he's 13) said he's a lolicon. He really likes characters like pic related. Should I beat his ass?

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no suck his dick


No rape correction is needed. Tie him down and rearrange his ass with your cock

Don't worry OP she's a 20 something year old mother.

tell him to watch prillya

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He is wrong, she is an old hag
Tell him to stop being a retard

No, he's got taste considering your pic related is a milf.

Just search the definition of loli, user.

Mavis is actually just a petite adult. That being said, self identifying as a pedo(even the meme anime term for it) will only lead your brother to a life time of misery. Don't hit him, but explain to him that being a "lolicon" is not something he wants to grow up to be and that he'll be happier lusting after christmas cakes and milfs.

Imagine watching this. Embarrassing.

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Man, I wonder what kind of person would do that IRL, I've already seen some schizos around here.

Irl? Nobody. He's probably just too young to fully understand the implications. People who do it through anonymity or through pseudo anonymity(on websites with accounts) wouldn't dare admit to their friends or family what they get up to online. They're just open about it on this website as cope.

wish my ototo were this based

Its just a phase.
Take him out fishing or hiking or some shit so he doesn't turn into a fatass.

>don't be a lolicon, get molested instead!

This is not how advice works.

You should beat his ass for calling himself a lolicon. Tell him keep that weirdo shit to himself

Exactly, he should be the one doing it

>child is attracted to other children

yeah kill your 13 year old brother for being a pedophile

>My little brother (he's 13) said he's a lolicon
Doesn't that mean he just likes characters his age?

I fapped to lolis back when most of them were older than me
OP, just tell him to shut up and stop using that word, and keep that shit to himself. Of course boys will like girls around their age

OP's little brother is on a fast track to calling himself a lolicon at school!

>Likes characters that look like they're his age
Tell him to have this conversation again in 5 years and find out if he's actually a lolicon.

Be a good brother and guide him away from this chicanery.
Be a bad brother and tell his friends so they bully him straight.

tell your brother to get as much cunny while he can