*blocks your path*

>*blocks your path*
>"hold on buddy you need to pay the toll"
what do? keep in mind these are two of the most powerful beings in the universe

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Whip out my family jewels

Hot threesome with cute brown girls

sorry you were vaporized


P-please let me be your servant! I'm broke!

When the fuck is seaweed resuming the manga?

Offer them my candy. They look like they're suckers of candies if you catch my drift.

What happened to jahy was she cancelled?

But her anime ended months ago?


I haven't heard anything about a second season sadly. but The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious got an anime and is by the same artist so maybe there's hope for more brown girl kino?

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you were eviscerated sorry

Chapter, not anime.

second season of the anime, I know that the Jahy manga is still going

Yes, it feels like the last chapter was months ago.

She has three ongoing series and works on whichever one of her fetishes is flaring up at the time.

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>Theres a love hotel over there we can do it
>gently pushes them in that direction
>dont worry, I'll pay for it
Jahy would just keep going 'eh' the entire time being gently coherse and just let the situation unfold, Sama would quietly just follow along.

Jahy is so dumb that you could have your way with her before she notices anything, and you could bribe the demon lord with food.

>Most powerful
I rape them then kill them.

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I command thee, KNEEL!

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No, you will

Pull my brown dick out
They can't refuse a fellow demon

*dogezas and kisses her feet*
*prays that she doesn't know I like it*