One Piece

Non-tourist thread this time. When's the last time we had a chapter this hype? Even for post-arc chapters this is on another level.

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11/10 chapter


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sanji is so lucky

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Jimbei always keeps his promises

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the future pirate king

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pirate god*

called it himself

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Katakuri? Jobber.

no, but he's weaker than people think
current Sanji could take him

Buggy will be king of the pirates, then when they try to execute him, his head will just pop off, and it will be the final gag of one piece


>ruins your hype

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This chapter isn't good. Its just that after the complete garbage Wano is, you are more excited because the manga is shifting to events and things you actually care about. But that doesn't make it good.


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>T-This chapter isn’t good…
>t. Seething Yamatofag

Monet is going to join any chapter now. The note, snowbunnies on the sea, astronomer… Please…

ok carrotfag

>One of her drawings end up being someone's bounty pic

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We hate Yamato.

Calm down, Carrotbro

I love that even Yamato couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Ulti's overprotected brother. I'd love to see them have a talk when she's not in larp mode.

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>They don't know how shonen works
Pirate King WILL marry the most beautiful woman
LuNatics WILL seethe until they'll rope

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Kakakuri? Got hit with the ol' spicy insanity gas

We love Carrot.

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Joining is the only thing that matters. Join, join, join!

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