Was she the best robot girl??

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I'd say naomi armitage, key and the major come pretty close but yes dorothy is still the best android girl in anime.

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>and the major
She's hot but full-body cyborg =/= android.

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I haven't watched GITS in forever so I forgot whether she's full robot or not.

IIRC her only human components are her brain (maybe; still a bit iffy on whether a braincase is literally a case for a human brain or a positronic brain arrangement) and her "ghost" - basically cyberpunk terminology for the soul. It's that element in particular which I think distinguishes full-body cyborgs from "true" androids.

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Dorothy is second best.

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She's a little autistic.

She can't help it she's a robot.

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I say yes, Dorothy is the best android.

No she's best girl period.

I really got to rewatch space cobra some time.

I feel like I've been seeing a ton of big o threads recently, cool stuff

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Too bad the ending was garbage

Probably has to do with big o finally getting a new model kit after 20 years.

Not quite.

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Nagai designs the sexiest girls.

Looked at that pic and went HOLY SHIT BAN DREW DOROTHY and lo and behold it was uploaded a couple hours ago. Wow.

I found it through an artist I follow who follows him on twitter.

Yeah I thought for a sec maybe it was something he drew years ago but it's because of this new Moderoid. Bunch of /m/ stuff getting new Moderoid kits, Patlabor, Xabungle, you name it. Cool times.
Good thread. Dorothy is best robot girl.

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There isn't enough of her.