Good night, sweet prince

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>oh noes anyways I'm gonna go back to genociding your kingdom

I could've sworn he was about to change his mind about destroying the kingdom completely, until the nobles showed up.

Moralfags want to destroy this, how am I supposed to agree and support them?

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Infinite Sex

Remind me why the Kingdom decide not to look into the culprit of wagon burning incident?

It's too bad Ainz doesn't have the intelligence to come up with a better strategy than "make an example out of them with genocide lol"

>They skip the tactical horse droping from the sky

>Ainz got assmad when the nobles killed Zanac to save their asses
>While Renner the one that had Zero loyallty to the kingdom or his non retarded brother got way with everything

Is Ainz autistic or maruyama is a hack?

Moralfags amongst their ranks. Sad. Only Zanac was the practical one left


God I don't even know what it is but I want to do unspeakable things to it until it bears all my children

How about you stop being retarded

Nah Ainz was inconsistent but not THAT inconsistent.
War is still going to happen to make an example for other countries, but at least he would make the battle as quick/painless as possible.

Cocytus is male, he can't bear children.

She's gonna become Shalltear's sexslave before getting killed, isn't she?

>starts rubbing hands together
Biggest Zesshi simp in the series.

Ln reader: he actually was thinking about sparing them. Z-man actually managed to appeal to the last shred of humanity Ainz had. And it really WAS the last. Now it's gone. Also, as they left, one of the nobles asked about their family, so Ainz told Albedo to find their families and bring them "there". He was that pissed.

zanac was honorable and instead of running away or begging for his life he faced death head on. regardless of whether or not ainz was using him and the kingdom as a sacrifice, ainz still had respect for his resolve. the actions of those nobles was the hight of cowardice, and this pissed ainz off. ainz is lawful evil, his reaction makes sense.

Does Ainz ever lsoe at some point? Getting tired of how OP he is.
And why does he think that in order to find his friends he needs to commit mass genocide? Are his friends going to be okay with that?
What if his guild buddies are enjoying being isekai'd and want to live alongside the npcs, only to find out Ainz is fucking it all up by killing them for nonsense reasons.

>lsoe at some point?
Yes I agree

>commit mass genocide
All is fair in love and war.

He changed his mind on reducing the kingdom to rubble after speaking to Zanac, until the nobles noble'd. There was going to be a war but no total genocide.