Chainsaw Man

Denji is a literal psycho

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It's gonna be a wild ride when mainstream retards find out about this amazing genre called 'seinen' and put it together that there are manga outside WSJ.

Denji should've put his arm around Makima in the theater chapter.

Choose two

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Seinen is not a genre, its a demography, you braindead mongoloid.
Love Live superstar idol club and Gochiusa are seinen, by the way.

>dancing around with semantics
I'd recommend Ajin if you're wanting to dip your toe into something actually interesting. Though, I suspect you'll be waiting for some bandwagon to hop onto like the faggot you are.


I already started reading Ajin 8-9 years ago when you were still in your mother's womb kid, I bet you discovered it in the recent storytime you projecting toddler. I probably read more manga than you do seeing how you think Ajin is obscure. Also that manga isn't that good outside of the antagonist. And correcting your retardation isnt dancing around semantics. You sound like an underage kid that feels special and thinks he is better by reading """"" unpopular""" """ mature""" manga that isn't even unpopular in the first place.

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Asa and Yoru

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I was watching Stone Ocean and Jolyne sounds really cute. Powa might have the best VA for the anime

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That scream when she jumps off the building turns me on

lol. also you never read Ajin you faggot.

Whatever makes you sleep at night little boy.

I will choose two Makimas. She is the most compelling character in the manga by far

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The expression is 'whatever helps you sleep at night' you retarded spic.
>little boy
Please don't go near any schools.

Retarded nigger

Is she ok

>It's you Denji! You're the Chainsaw Man!

Post ideas for Death Devil

You're the nigger here if you don't agree with my faggot

Death devil is easy as fuck to create. The real question is how will tatsu implement "fear of the unknown"
I bet he either will ignore it or job its design