Evangelion fans missed the point

>show portrays how escapism is bad and that life needs to be lived to the fullest
>fanbase wastes 25 fucking years debating on which 14 year old girl is the hottest

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The debate is really dumb, especially when objectively Asuka is the hottest.

Do you think people actually watch Eva, user? They just enjoy the porn.

you'd think so, right? ...right?


The eternal debate, kind reminder that picking Misato is a copout


Misato's development was arrested at 14 due to trauma so she still counts.

>show portrays how escapism is bad
No it doesn't
>that life needs to be lived to the fullest
What if those autists are already living life to the fullest and talk about Eva just to shitpost?

>life needs to be lived to the fullest
nearly impossible to do.


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Yes but Evangellion came out in 1995, go outside and tell me that its not a good idea to escape from that filth

Mari is literally best girl.

Rei is oedipus complex incarnate.
Asuka is a raging bitch who deserves the EoE choke out.
Mari is just all about it, and pretty much proves in the end to live life the fullest you need to cut toxic bitches out of your life.

Also important is having a good father figure. Hence Shinji's reconciliation with Gendo directly precludes Neon Genesis.

Thrice Upon A Time is the Anti-thesis to End of Evangelion, and that's why Evangelion otakus hate it. And why it's the best Kino.

I tried living life like a normie and all I got was a job with no prospect of advancement and a divorce.
It doesn't matter how hard you try if you're born wrong. Might as well yell at cripples to "just learn to walk, you lazy fuck".

maybe it's because, despite what some soccer moms believe, kids don't get their morals from watching cartoons?


>show portrays how escapism is bad and that life needs to be lived to the fullest
why are pseudo-intellectuals like this?

>picking Misato is a copout
Of course, since Asuka v Rei is just a battle for second position. We all know Misato is the best.


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Mari is barely even a character, more like a plot device. In the Rebuilds alone, Rei, of all people, has significantly more lines than her, despite Mari being a chatterbox.

>you missed the point, the show was supposed to be terribly planned out and poorly executed

>life needs to be lived to the fullest
>25 fucking years debating

You speak as if one contradicts the other. Also, the constantly seeking and talking about "the message" of artistic works is not good for people IMO.