Cutest demon lord

Cutest demon lord

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you wouldn't a slime

I wish i was a cute genderless creature like rimuru i would flirt with everyone all the time and wear cute clothes

start hrt

For me it's Milim, my queen and my wife

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okay so is he actually reincarnated veldanava?

Season 3 when? They should've skipped the movie and use all the budget for a new season asap

What does it feel like to fuck a slime?

maybe announcement this fall since iirc volume 20 is out soon

That would make me into a girl i don’t wanna be a girl i wanna be genderless

It wouldn’t even make you into a girl. Just a freak.

I could beat him

I've also known of another certain blue-haired isekai hero turned demon lord.


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that's an asexual being


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Squidgy Rimiru bussy

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Pounding Milim doggystyle. I need to. Badly.

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Get some jello, now you know.

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