One Piece

What is with Hackda? are we not gonna get an answer on what happened with the Revolutionaries after the previous chapter ended with the Sabo call

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Yamato is the most tragic character in all of One Piece.
Forced to give up her dream and stay imprisoned in Wano because Momo and the Scabbards are too weak

Well we know for sure that it’s Sabo now since Devon was on Amazon lily

Zoro lost his tomboy childhood friend.

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>shitting yourself every time an author makes you wait until the right time for info instead of explaining everything all at once

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I want Zoro to fuck me so bad bros...

Name a funnier flashback than this

and soon he will lose his sensei

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He'll Live, Yohoho

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Blackbeard's gonna make a zombie out of Whitebeard to combat the seraphim, isn't he?

Knowing why Yamato is staying and how much Luffy wanted her to join is far more important.

I quit at whole cake the manga, has the rabbit joined yet?
Planning to pick it up again, but she was my favorite non-SH so I hope so...

Still waiting for a world of stairs that only Zoro can navigate

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Place bets on this motherfucker's bounty whenever it gets revealed.

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>Vegapunk, release the Rocks and Roger clones
>Its finally time for the final solution to the pirate problem

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10 trillion

So is hancock going to catch up with the SH?

If a Roger clone was Luffy’s last enemy he had to beat, would that be kinoda or hackda?

>No Akainu, we can't allow the Warlord system to remain intact, it's too corrupt.
>Which is why my good friend Vegapunk is helping replace it with our new and improved child soldier system.

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Since oda cant into travel distance and Hancock should be halfway around the world, yes.

>The Problem: Too many pirates
>The Solution: Clone more pirates
What could go wrong?

Clones are full hack territory

That's narutard shit.

If they're anything like pacifistas then they don't have free will so it's all okay

So in all seriousness why is Hancock back in the story? Is she going to join the Straw Hat fleet or something?

>replacing the warlords with clones of the warlords
Oda should get a three month vacation

No, I'm the most tragic character for having to read another chapter with Shitmato.

To increase towel sales

She says its time to marry luffy

>Is she going to join the Straw Hat fleet or something?
At the very least.

Already rejected

>I'm not going to marry you
What did Luffy mean by this?

Is there any shit about Yamato in this chapter? God, I thought we were already rid of that horrible character.

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The dawn of the world is coming and Oda needs to put all the pieces into the new world, he basically putting almost all the big fishes of the new era for the final confrontation

Yes, Luffy bows to her like Roger did to Oden.

An age defining event is coming, every character that's even slightly relevant will choose a side

Character I like doesn't appear in chapter = Hackda. Be patient.

Im not the one writing the scripts

>Got the Sabo update
>Got the Hancock update
Now all that is left is the Vivi update

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You're not reading them either

>In an AMAZING double spread Luffy and Zoro cry and beg Yamato to join

>Implying Kuina isn't Tashigi
I laugh

She sounds like only her is leaving the island tho (since her fruit is the reason people invade amazon lily)

Granted he's blind.

isn't the original implication is that it's a euphemism for suicide? I can't remember.

Look at the spoilers dumbass

>cloned children soldiers
The Navy and the WG are so comically evil, kek

Yes user, now ask yourself, where would she want to go?

>Seraphim job
>WG sends out phase 2 of their operation: Four Archangels that are clones of Garp, Roger, Rocks, and Kaido

I mean, when their job is to counter the forces of people like Big Mom and Kaido, you do what you gotta do.

>Clones and Child soldiers? how horrible
>Why can't they use trannies and child soldiers like decent people?

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>all this crazy shit going on, no one realized a vice admiral just jobbed in the background

Everyone jobbed except Hancock

what if imu is an actual child in terms of personality who just wants to play with butterflies and shit but every time she looks out the window all she sees is pirates murdering 24/7

That's all they ever do post timeskip

Full power King is so strong that chibi Mihawk with King's genes can go toe to toe with a Yonko.

Vice admirals have always been fodder

If your title has the word 'Admiral' in it your chances of jobbing skyrocket.

Hancock already did that in her first appearance, only Yonkou level people are stronger than her.

one pieve bros..
its over

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Dragon has a point

>random Arab posts spoilers an hour before Redon's cronies do
>Redon says parts of the Arab post are fake
>literally all of this turns out to be true with the only questionable bit being the incomplete "have it now" which might've just been a google translate error
God what a faggot

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pirate king luffy is going to have every warlord and notable pirate join his grand fleet as the undisputed ruler of the seas

what if luffy is actually a clone of garp made by vegapunk who dragon freed while he was a baby

>BB x Hancock x Coby BBC cuckposters

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VA have always been mega jobbers
>momonga stabbing himself
>ronz getting BTFO by whitebeard
>smoker getting BTFO by law
>vergo getting BTFO by law
>bastille getting BTFO by sabo
>maynard doing jackshit
Gion and Tokikake might be their last hope

I gotta admit despite cross guild being so good this chapter makes me think act 3 wano was only a precursor of things to come. Its gonna get really bad, really quickly.

*four horsemen

More like Luffy is a clone of Dragon and Dragon is a clone of Garp.

the absolute state of shitvi

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>every warlord
Except Moria and Doffy, fuck those losers

Reading this makes me want to drop One Piece unironically. I can't believe Oda is still wasting panels on that dumpster of a character.

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>all of this is true
Still shilling for the arab arent you?

The spoilers are wrong tho, BB and a seraphim clash and Coby tells it to stop otherwise they will destroy all the petrified marines, everyone walks away with the seraphim taking no damage from BB.

Perona when???

Hancock is going to end up declaring her love for Luffy to the whole world mark my words

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Nah, it'd be Garp combined with Roger since Vegapunk can obviously do that shit with stuff like Lunarian Warlord clones.
Plus mixing the king of the Pirates with the hero of the Marines would be like being the guy to invent PB&J.

Why the fuck would BB care if he kills petrified marines?
I can't even feasibly see him caring too much if Vasco and Devon got killed.