Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 116

God bye-bye?

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Yeah he got trashed.

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That's the end. God Serena lives to fight another day, and now we might get back to Natsu/Suzaku vs the Earth Dragon.

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FUCK Kiria.

Damn. God Serena stomped Gajeel and got of scot-free? Biggest surprise in the sequel yet. Either he's gotten a lot stronger or he was one of the most powerful Spriggan to start with. Just under the top 3.

>God jackass
It's God Serena

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Laki? Best girl.

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Thanks. I thought God Serena coming back was for a little laugh but it looks like he's going to hang around into the next arc. Looking forward to seeing it.


How tough is Gajeel again?
Getting low-diff'd is pretty crazy.

Stealing it from the last thread but for those who didn't read it, Mashima said this arc is just about done but before we jump into the next one there's going to be some fun chapters first.

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He's gildarts tier

>Barges into the labyrinth
>Beats up Gajeel
>refuses to elaborate

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>gajeel attacks people out of nowhere
>they replicate
Fuck gajeel holy shit

When he was whited-out during the Aldoron arc he said he 'lost' to Natsu, but that was after Levy interrupted and Natsu said he was just about out of magic. He'd be in the handful of strongest in the guild behind Laxus and Gildarts I think?

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I don't think anyone realizes the funniest part of this chapter is:
>Gray's only fight in the arc had his opponent get the final K.O by a beaten up Gajeel, who won way more easily


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>God Serena lives to fight another day

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>Either he's gotten a lot stronger or he was one of the most powerful Spriggan to start with
He was introduced as such... kinda. Before Irene and Larcade, Serena and August were the top Spriggan. He only looks like a jobber because Acno fought him and then Gildarts fought a weaker version of him (which makes no sense now since he was resurrected through Historia, meaning he had to be dead)

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