Urusei Yatsura

It's gonna be good bros... I can feel it.

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How did the announcement for this not get a sticky?

I for one gonna enjoy it better than the original on the basis that I never watched the original

You should watch it, it rocks.

I just might as well, depends on how much I end up liking this one I'll look for more

It could be good, or it could be great.
Will it be just a straight up redo of the original, or will they go meta Beautiful Dreamer-style into how they went 40 years into the future?

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Is it gonna follow the manga this time? I've been watching the original but from what I've seen they made a lot of changes. Like the stormtroopers. Just 50 episodes and the movies left, should be able to catch up

why would you think that?

>meta Beautiful Dreamer-style
impossible without oshii

It's supposed to follow the Manga more closely, yeah. Which isn't necessarily a good thing, a lot of what people remember about the old series in anime original.

Just a feeling. I have faith in Lum!

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As someone who is just finishing up the original, I'd rather have it be different. I don't care about nostalgia anyway

UY is so old that even if they reused stories, it'd still feel new just because the world has changed.

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Do you think the stories have the stories aged well?
t.zoomer that only saw a few original anime episodes

The "aged badly" is just a meme. Something is either good or bad from the get go. It doesn't retroactively get worse because a few years passed. There are a few exceptions obviously for anime that are very tied to the year they came out and might feel dated after a while.

It would be great if the new series reused some of the old music.
Even if it's a remix or new recording, OP1 is so iconic.

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Culture is part of it as well. Some shit just isn't funny anymore, it's weird as hell. Now I can appreciate it was a different time so I don't care too much personally, but still

I really hope they reuse some of the BGM from the original. Like this for example

It's not that it's not funny in itself anymore but rather the humour of the 80s is different to that of today, so MODERN AUDIENCE won't laugh. But that's their problem. People who grew up in the 80s will find it funny no matter how many years pass.

Another example is School Rumble which I recently watched for the first time. I had a blast with it but I also grew up with early 00s anime so its humour felt right at home. I'm sure if some zoomer watched he would cringe. Same way I feel when I watch modern comedies like One Pun Man and Konosuba.

Yeah but some stuff remains funny for future generations. I'm a zoomer born in 1999, urusei yatsura is almost as old as my parents, but I still find a lot of it pretty funny. Some stuff, but so much. That's what I mean by how well it aged, some of it is still funny now and some isn't. That's just my opinion though, my humour is a bit weird anyway

Some stuff, not so much*